Archidomus Studio is an architecture and design practice founded in 2000 by architect Monica Rossi and architect Claudio Cencetti, we are a team of architects, engineers and surveyors operating alongside members of other experts who have developed their expertise in building projects and the construction industry over a number of decades. So we are ready to co-ordinate and manage complex projects with the objective of helping those wishing to invest in Italy achieve their individual objectives.

We are for the most part engaged in helping those who are interested in acquiring prestigious and historical structures, businesses and residencies at the luxury end of the market, including villas and country houses. Our aim is to build and/or reconstruct these properties in the traditional Tuscan style.

We have built up a considerable amount of experience in the field of upmarket residences, where our overriding aim has been to adopt an original approach, but always to take care to attend to the smallest detail.

Our involvement extends from the moment of the initial idea to the completion of the project.

Each project is customized with its own particular style, sensitive to the needs and preferences of each individual client. As a result, we can create very many different and unusual effects, imbuing each scheme with originality, elegance and character.

We are organized so as to guarantee a responsible overseer for each building site: a head of works who will be responsible for overseeing and coordinating the work, thereby effecting a sinergy with the client and instilling complete confidence.

Speed, dynamism flexibility and efficiency are the central elements of Archidomus’ working ideology.